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The snows came and went slowly in December and 2 hardy new residents moved
in during the icy phase of the weather. The Country Manor Village did not
get to 90% complete until early September but still sold out except for two
remaining houses at lot's 23 and 24. Those 2 homes are typical of our
$175,000 to $199,000 offerings at 1770 and 2078 square feet. The upward
pricing pressure on homes has been tremendous since early summer but we hope
it has moderated a bit. We still offer a turnkey package of lot, home,
decks, garages, and utility connects in an economical manner to assure our
customers the greatest appraisal values for their mortgages. We can offer
financing or you can arrange your own and happily the rates for 30 year
mortgages are not much above 6% at this time.

As we prep new homes to be built at lot # 19 at Cedar Glen 2 off Routledge
Lane, our 55 and over community, and at lot's # 19 and # 21 at The Cedars
off Woodsey Way for March of 2006; you should consider stopping by our
office for a copy of floor plans that will be built at those lots and
available at the end of April.

We still have sufficient boulders to offer our customers some unique
landscaping help with our 2 for 1 boulder sale, and the one is free! Come
and see what a manufactured home community with the upper grades of homes
can look like.




Mike & Kay Wells

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