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Floor Plans

We feature Silvercrest homes, simply the best manufactured housing!


The following are the most popular Silvercrest floor plans but certainly not all of them. Click on the Plan # to see the layout.

This price list is subject to change. Each price quote includes:

  1. Turn key set-up on our property.
  2. All permits and utility connections.
  3. Oak cabinets and Atherton carpets.
  4. Completed wood and P/T skirting.
  5. 200 sq. ft. red cedar entry and decking.

See Popular Options at end of price list.

The Edgewood Series

EO-21 3BR 2BA 1662 SQ FT $ Call
EO-23 3BR 2 BA 1772 SQ FT $ Call
EO-31 3BR 2 BA (TRIPLE) 2077 SQ FT $ Call
EO-32 3BR 2BA (TRIPLE) 2323 SQ FT $ Call
EO-40 4BR 2BA (QUAD) 2837 SQ FT $ Call

The Starcrest Series
SC-62 3BR 2BA 1392 SQ FT $ Call
SC-63 4BR 2BA 1500 SQ FT $ Call
SC-67 3BR 2BA 1555 SQ FT $ Call
SC-70 3BR 2BA (TRIPLE) 1929 SQ FT $ Call
SC-71 4BR 2BA (TRIPLE) 2150 SQ FT $ Call

The Silverwood Homes
SV-51 3BR 2BA (TRIPLE) 1934 SQ FT +
$ Call
SV-52 3BR 2BA 1388 SQ FT $ Call
SV-55 3BR 2BA DEN 1836 SQ FT $ Call
SV-56 3BR 2BA (TRIPLE) 1590 SQ FT $ Call
SV-61 4BR 2BA FAMILY 1934 SQ FT $ Call

Popular Option Adds

Fireplace $ 1495
Sliding Glass Door $ 575
Interior Double French Doors $ 545
Dormer Skylight $ 1395
Craftsman Dormer $ 1395
Slab Oak Cabinets $ 625
Moen "Pop-out" Kitchen Faucet $ 110
GE Microwave $ 545
Plumb for Icemaker $ 100

Mother-in-law Option

Several floor plans can be economically modified to convert 2 bedrooms and #2 bath into a bedroom/sitting room with bath privacy area to ease the effort for a live-in senior parent.  Ask for a quote on your favorite plan.

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