Cedars at the Mountain

What types of residents live in the Cedars community?

Quality Manufactured Homes      The type of people living in premium manufactured home communities defy stereotyping. They are a cross section of all walks that want to be close to the city, but not in it. They want just as good (if not better) housing than they left, just not as big or with as much maintenance. They want a bit of gardening, but not a lot! They tend to be agreeable to added rules and regulations as the way they want their neighbors to live. Surprisingly, nearly 30% of our residents in completed construction have been female heads of households.

      The type of resident who enjoys our 55 & over manufactured home community at Cedar Glen II is someone near retirement that wants to downsize their home and not have the majority of their capital tied up in their home equity. They can choose a home that's not geared to children, but has the better kitchens, offices and fireplaces that they can enjoy while using or investing their equity savings for other purposes. Some residents feel better having management available on site so they can travel more and have their home looked after while they are away. Our other community, The Cedars, is a family community within walking distance of the Welches school.

Does it snow a lot in Welches?

     Yes and no. We look at snow a lot on the surrounding 4,500' and 5,000' mountains, but Welches is at only 1,400' elevation, so we only see a few accumulations of more than three inches. In 1996 we did get a surprise 22", but most are minor measurements. Highway 26 is a high-maintenance priority for the state when snow does occur as it is the lifeline to Central Oregon and all the ski resorts uphill from us.

What  time frame do you expect?

     Custom orders can be ready for move-in within 8 to 9 weeks at this time. We also maintain 3 to 5 model homes for your consideration. These range from 1566 Square Feet to 2077 Square Feet and are surrounded by the boulder, rhododendrons, and ferns common in the Mt. Hood National Forest area.

Can we reserve a lot for spring construction?

     At this time we will reserve a lot for up to 90 days with a reservation fee held at First American Title.  That length of time is subject to change with the season. Remaining lots vary from 6,000 Square Feet to 9,500 Square Feet.

Can we purchase a home from elsewhere and place it in the community?

     Yes, all homes must meet certain minimum standards and we would be happy to work with you on the site improvements required.  Of course, the home must be new and not all homes will fit all lots and certain cedar trees cannot be removed. Welches and Cedaes are unique communities that you will enjoy.

Who do we contact for additional information and current cost quotes?

By E-Mail (,FAX or Phone, you will get one of the two of us.  We're not a distant corporation but a local developer/dealer that relies on local subcontractors and local financing.  We appreciate your interest. -- Mike and Kay Wells


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