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We have been building and developing in Welches for eleven years and we invite you to look at what we have completed as an indicator of our efforts to use manufactured housing in a better than average way to achieve a comfortable community that we too want to live in.  These two developments are only different in the HUD approved age restriction on the 21 lots in Cedar Glen II.  Both feature large lots (some to quarter acre), trees and views in a distinctive design setting.

As a mountain suburb to the PORTLAND METRO AREA, Welches has a very laid back attitude.  The surrounding natural beauty both overwhelms and creates a nature loving lifestyle.  Denim and sweaters are the dress code of choice even in our best restaurants and right-of-way is always given to wandering deer.  The major attractions are not only the skiing and golf, but also the looking and walking amongst the mountains.  The BBQ deck is the most used feature of our homes from late April until October!

     Living in a manufactured home planned unit development subdivision (ORS-HB3686) like "The Cedars" or "Cedar Glen II" has all the advantages of home ownership found in "stick" built subdivisions except that we feel the homes are better, cost less per square foot and custom orders can be moved into promptly.  There are tax advantages too, as you deduct the interest on your taxes.  Reasonable R&R's and private property streets are administered by a Homeowners' Association in which you have a vote.  Keeping the streets private prevents any undesirable public activities.

     The small Welches community is a truly distinctive mountain suburb of Portland Metro area with a different lifestyle of its' own.  Next to Mt. Hood National Forest and the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness; plus, the incredible fishing of the Salmon and Sandy Rivers are in the neighborhood.  In addition to the nearby mountain sports, Welches also has approximately 50 minute access to the Portland International Airport.  We also offer:

  • very large lots to garden or naturalize

  • your very own garage and/or shop

  • well mannered pets are welcome (some limitations)

  • some landscape boulders (while they last)

For many people, we offer an empty nest lifestyle change, while others want a base to wander from.  The close walking distance to Welches Elementary and middle schools from "The Cedars" offers families a low key alternative to city life.

     Choosing a house and lot is not all there is to do.  Where the entry is related to the street and garage determines walks and driveways.  Landscaping needs to be completed within 90 days of move-in excepting December, January and February.  Also, certain improvements will need to be constructed on your lot such as concrete runners (foundation) for your house to rest on, electrical, sewer and water connections, garage, skirting, driveway, walkways and BBQ deck.  These improvements are lumped together as the SITE ACCESSORY PACKAGE.  Usually most or all of the site accessory package is eligible to be included in the financing of your home.  As a licensed dealer, we often take responsibility for this site work that typically costs between $22,000 and $24,000, dependent on the size of the garage and the amount of concrete, etc.  We also work with several leading financial institutions to try to offer you as close to a turnkey package as possible.

     Clackamas county has a couple of systems development fees and several permits that are required for both the house and garage as well as electrical.  As of March 1, 2002 these total approximately $5,500 per site, but certain parts are being considered for increase.

     For custom ordered homes, deliveries are approximately 5 weeks after financing is complete.  It then takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks to have the house ready for move-in, and another 3 or 4 weeks to complete garage and drive.  Winter weather varies our schedule considerably.

     As with other subdivisions where land ownership is involved, you pay your own utilities, garbage disposal, electricity, cable TV, telephone, property taxes on home and land, county sewer charges and Salmon Valley Water Co.  The surface water management system is owned and maintained by the Homeowners' Association as a whole.

    As a homeowner, you will be a voting member of the Homeowners' Association in the particular development where you purchase.  The Association owns the common elements including streets and surface water collection system.  There is a $25 monthly association fee  for built homes.

    Utilities are consumption based and water is metered.  The county sewer charge is currently $31.05 and Salmon Valley Water Co. is $12.30 monthly for a generous basic quantity of excellent water.  Bliss Sanitary offers both weekly or monthly garbage pickup.

     Be sure to read all the paperwork carefully, as there are both benefits and responsibilities in a planned unit development.  The By-Laws and Homeowners' Association are integral parts of your ownership and you will want to be aware of those details.

     It is our intent to set minimums for housing to assure a pleasant neighborhood to protect everyone's values.  Only double and triple wide homes are considered and most new homes sold today will be acceptable if they:

  1. Are model your 2001 or newer.

  2. Have a minimum width of 24 feet.

  3. Have at least 1,200 square feet of floor area.

  4. Have a 3/12 or more roof pitch or 3 /12 on triple wides.

  5. Have an acceptable black, charcoal, driftwood or silver asphalt roof color.

  6. Have an added window feature (over manufacturer's minimum).

  7. Have a meter base mounted on home or in field  (pedestals are not acceptable).

  8. Have a color scheme submitted and approved.

Keep in mind that a single or double garage is required as well as a minimum of 200 square feet of entry or BBQ deck.

     While up to two pets are allowed, they must be confined and not allowed to be loose.  Dogs that continuously bark for more than two minutes, breach the county ordinance and must be removed from the community.  No in-operable vehicles are allowed to be stored on homeowner's lot unless enclosed (garaged).  Storage for RV vehicles is available at the local RV village.  Overnight parking on streets is not allowed due to fire lane status.

CEDAR GLEN ESTATES, 51 Home Land Lease Community completed in 1997.
CEDARS COURT, 5-plex 2BR 2BA rental units near golf course.
      CEDARS MINI-STORAGE, 56 unit commercial storage space, completed 1998.

Sometimes the four small communities are referred to as the Hoodland area.  According to the fire department, we have approximately 4,400 full-time residents.  The Hoodland Fire Department paramedics have excellent response times that are better than many of the Portland Metro East areas.

     While skiing is only 12 miles uphill, Gresham is only 23 miles downhill.  World class golf, hiking and fishing are only minutes away.
     Take a look at our website and the occasional update of availability.  We can be reached by E-Mail

25222-37 E Welches Rd
Welches OR 97067

Phone: 503-622-4989   FAX: 503-622-5705

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